Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


The week will help you focus on financial stabilization by reorganizing the budget or looking for new sources of income. There will be different opportunities for work, for business or professional presentations, to receive new offers or to start a new activity.

During this week, turn your attention to solving problems related to money or other obligations.

During these seven days, your relationships with friends or colleagues will develop in a new way, in a new direction or with new goals.

During this week, you will make new, personal or professional acquaintances that will have a future development.

Interesting events related to a child or a young person, mainly from your circle of relatives.

This week you will have conversations about serious problems in the marriage of your relatives. They may need help or advice, but you may also encounter resistance from them if you try to help them due to their steadfast nature.

The week brings a surprise or news about an old love.

During this week, an argument or conflict will arise with a person with whom you will say some unpleasant things. During the week you will be charged with more responsibilities and tasks in your workplace or business.

You will be surprised by the various contacts with public figures, as well as new acquaintances with people from near and far.

Boys and girls will spend this week with great enthusiasm. They will tend to trust advice or help. In most cases, this will definitely work for you, but some surprises are not excluded. In the financial plan, the week will be promising for those who work or do any activity for which they expect to be paid. In terms of health, be careful of infectious or viral diseases.

Men will search for the meaning of certain events in their lives, or they will be surprised by the surprises that life throws at them. It is possible to take a trip this week, or have useful, supportive contacts with people near and far. During this week, you can renovate something in your home or farm, if you have one. This will be a week of more dynamic communication with relatives or friends, as well as pleasant evenings with them.

Women will spend a very important week in which they will have to have the courage to part with some people or with some commitments. These will be things that tend to hold you back, or regularly cause you some problems and worries. Some of your main expectations for this week will be related to people who hardly live in your house. The week can be remembered with extra or unexpected money in your personal or family budget.


During the week of June 17 - 23, it will be important for you to try to be in harmony with yourself and the people around you.

During this week, you will have the opportunity to create important business contacts or professional relationships.

Situations will arise that will make you postpone some of your previous agreements or promises, but there will always be a good reason for this.

Use these seven days to fix things in your home, to solve domestic problems.

The week will be an unfavorable period for court or legal matters and when working with contracts, be careful in the details.

During this week you will enjoy unexpected news related to your family. You will be lucky in domestic or family matters.

The information or suggestion you will receive during these seven days will have a positive impact on your life and personal plans.

This week you may be surprised by a financial document or money that you will receive through a contract or agreement.

Financially, the week may pleasantly surprise you, but almost nothing will come of it if you strain events.

Now you can feel much more emotionally and sentimentally the absence of people who are not near you.

During the week, an urgent engagement with a person from your circle of relatives will arise.

Boys and girls will have the opportunity to enjoy a purchase or gift during these seven days. If you personally buy something for yourself, be careful in terms of quality and price. During the week you have pleasant engagements or meetings with friends who live relatively close to you, so you won't have to travel to meet them. During the week you will have emotional experiences related to people over 35 years old.

Men will remember this week with an unpleasant news, stressful situation or incident. Your love life will be very emotional, showing greater sensitivity on the part of both partners and with the risk of a short or final separation. In financial terms, the week will be more favorable for you with opportunities to find new sources of income and increase the current ones.

Women will be restless, prone to quick manifestations of panic, fear or uncertainty. The week may weigh you down with some anxiety or an unexpected situation related to a close person over the age of 35. It is possible that you do not live under the same roof with this person or that he is currently at a distance from you. Unfavorable time to engage in court or legal matters, and will require you to be more careful when making important decisions.