Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week from February 19 to 25, you will be asked to show a new, more constructive vision for solving the problems that are bothering you at the moment. This will be an important condition to reach a new level of development, freeing yourself from the unwanted worry or fear that has burdened you during the last weeks.

This week will create conditions for interesting love experiences. Love will favor those who are looking for a new serious relationship, not a flirtation or a quick flame.

Development is very likely in the relationships already established and the desire of one party for a more serious commitment will be expressed and announced very clearly in the conversations you will have.

This can cause difficulties if the other partner categorically lacks such a desire.

In general, this week brings and will favor serious and responsible conversations with your lover about the future of your relationship.

During the week, a situation will arise, you will receive news or have a meeting that will help to rekindle your relationship with a person with whom you have lost contact for various life reasons.

During the week you will enjoy meeting and talking with people with whom you have common interests, hobbies, sports activities, etc.

Boys and girls will face a new situation related to an old problem, something that will have individual development. During this week it will be important to watch the actions of unknown people more carefully, especially if they show a desire to get close to you. In love, interesting experiences await you, but do not let your fun be such that it has unwanted consequences for you.

Men will be difficult to understand this week, which will easily cause misunderstandings or arguments. This is especially true of your close relationship with a woman who is your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister. Manifestations of jealousy this week will meet with very strong resistance, especially if they are unfounded. This week will favor the realization of a difficult or seemingly problematic journey.

Women will be wary or feel some responsibility towards young people, including your children. Serious expenses are coming your way that will require you to prioritize them. Impulsive or emotional spending and money decisions will definitely have unpleasant consequences for you and your family.


During the week of February 19 to 25, you can expect different experiences and interesting events related to travel or people from different distances. It will be good for these events to take their natural course. Your plans, whatever they are, will always undergo some changes.

It will be very important for you to show good organization and professionalism in your work during the week. Your actions will depend on whether you will make mistakes and whether there will be tension in your workplace with colleagues or customers.

During this week, evaluate the value of words and promises. Do not rush with comments or promises that you yourself will later realize were too hasty, emotional, thoughtless.

During the week, you are likely to experience changes that will reflect in your relationship with your intimate partner. They can be caused by travel-related events.

This week will not tolerate displays of jealousy, control or imposition of your opinion.

The disappointments you will experience this week may be related to the fact that you will not have enough time for activities that are important to you, as you will be too busy or involved with other people.

The week heralds various events related to father, grandfather, brother and other close male relatives. Strange dreams related to them are also possible.

Boys and girls will want more fun with friends. Your desire for more communication will also be the reason to expand your circle of friends, acquaintances or like-minded people. You will not lack worries or fears about the future, but they will come and go quickly. Your birthday will be an occasion for special attention or lively conversations.

Men will be more serious about solving problems that no one else can solve. Week comes into your life with new chances and luck, but only for those who are active and ready for action. You will have more work, but the results will be important to you.

Women will wait for the fulfillment of any promise, agreement or contract. Do not waste time, but activate energies and forces in this direction. The week will favor traveling and developing your contacts with people from different distances.