Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week of June 10 - 16, you will experience unexpected situations or unexpected events related to your home or a relative.

In general, there is no sign that these events will be negative, but perhaps it will all depend on your perspective or attitude.

During this week, you will have a meeting that will be related to the development of an important conversation, but that may turn into an unpleasant debate or conflict.

In such a situation, your skills to be a diplomat, to wait and to understand the other side's point of view will be put to the test.

During the week, you may be pleased with cash receipts that will come from people you already know.

During these days, you will enjoy gathering with friends who have a positive outlook on life, love to joke and never get bored.

However, your love life will be complicated, especially for those of you who are trying to salvage a broken relationship.

You will be able to stabilize yourself financially or solve a complicated financial problem.

Men will have the opportunity to find a solution to a situation related to any problem related to home or family.

This week will be favorable for reuniting families that have been separated due to work, travel or other reasons.

Boys and girls will be able to achieve a lot as long as they plan their tasks well and balance (control) their emotional reactions.

Achievements or losses will depend entirely on your actions and decisions.

For women, there will be an unpleasant commitment regarding a document or other type of papers, which will have to be arranged during this week. Better think in advance about the most correct way to deal with this.

The week will be favorable for a romantic relationship with a person who lives in another city or country.

Travels related to a romantic meeting will have a good development.

During these seven days you will have occasion for joy or pleasure, but there is a risk of serious mistakes or delusions in both your personal and professional affairs.


During the week of June 10-16, many will take a long-postponed trip or think about one they plan to take before the end of the year.

Documents or information needed for this trip may have been delayed by now.

During this week, your love and friendship relationships will have an interesting and positive development for you, both those you created some time ago and those that will be born this week.

Especially pleasant experiences will be those of you who have a romantic partner with whom you do not live together.

During this week, most expenses or financial obligations may be the cause of debates or controversies in your home. Such confrontation is pointless, as the most important thing now is to sit down and talk about a more practical way to overcome this situation.

Boys and girls will have an occasion for a meeting or for a more lively communication about events in the lives of friends. The occasions in most cases will be pleasant and may be related to a birthday, but also to some other reason. During this week, you will have to accept without complaint the position of a man older than you, who will actually try, with his advice or actions, to help you in something or guide you in the right direction of development.

Men will have interesting and feasible plans for this week. It is possible that the idea for some of your actions comes from close people, or relies on its implementation by such people. In general, you have a more interesting, important week ahead of you, in which you will be able to make significant progress in matters important to you. Those of you who will engage in various judicial or legal actions expect success.

Women will spend a week that they may not remember with anything important. You may be involved in some intrigue, or be an instrument in the hands of someone who is trying to act maliciously against another person. Be very careful what conversations you make, what promises you make and generally watch your behavior carefully. Important conversations or decisions will be made by those women who have a child who currently lives, studies or works at a certain distance.