Horoscope for June 1 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 1 by Russell Grant


A close friend will bring his share of joy to your day or by conveying some good news. You need help to achieve a goal that is important to you. Reaching out to others is not a sign of weakness.


Be creative, use your imagination and believe in your abilities. Whether you're known for your ability to make a feast out of a handful of ingredients or your talents lie in a less mainstream direction, you can't help but be a success by teaming up with people who share the same passions.


You are not the only one who will be happy to abandon your usual commitments to have fun. You and your family can all enjoy a change of scenery. A walk in the countryside, or enjoying a day by the sea will give you a new lease of life.

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You and your partner work so well together that you both know what each other is thinking and what the other is going to do. This is a bonus when a joint project will be accomplished much faster than either of you could have done if you had tackled it independently.


There is a topic that you and a close friend or relative need to discuss in person. This can no longer be avoided. You agree that some things are better left unsaid, but there are many others you should say. You will do this as discreetly as possible.


A system designed to help people is failing. The specialized sessions offered to those who are going through something traumatic are not enough when practical help is also needed. If you are directly involved in organizing support, you will agree that there is still a lot of work to be done.


A cunning person will break the promises he made to you. You must be on standby. You have experienced their deceptive behavior in the past. You already know that you should take a break as soon as possible. If serious doubts are weighing on your mind, there are organizations you can turn to for help.


Maybe you haven't realized until now how tired you are trying to please a difficult partner or relative. Learning to modify your behavior unconsciously has a negative impact on your health. Mood swings are a sign that you are not coping well.


You enjoy your independence, but sometimes it is not possible to do without help. Instead of insisting on fighting alone, frustration can be turned into action if you accept a little help from a friend. Group work will be worth it.


The changes in the family are not what you would have chosen for yourself. This is something you feel obligated to and don't feel ready to deal with. You seem to have no choice despite the stress and confusion you are going through. Give yourself time to get used to new situations.


Do not put aside your desires for the sake of other people. You should not feel obligated to put the needs of others first. Consider devoting more time to a hobby, sports, and other leisure activities. Whether it's reading, writing poetry or art, things you've enjoyed since childhood.


What brings you joy? What ignites your enthusiasm and drives you forward? Follow your true desires and aspirations to move towards a positive and fulfilling path. Let go of any emotions or circumstances that prevent you from progressing. Remember, it's perfectly fine to let go of anything that no longer supports your growth.