Horoscope for February 1 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 1 by Russell Grant


You can't walk away from the responsibilities you took on at the beginning of the year, but you're starting to admit that some of them are becoming too much for you. What you can do is ask around as there may be someone who is willing to take some of the load off your shoulders.


You can be honest to reveal your thoughts and feelings during the diplomatic stay. Let people know what you're thinking, but only after you think twice, so you don't embarrass yourself about something. You'll have to take care of some unfinished business later in the day.


You are trying to suppress your feelings because even the thought of discussing emotional issues makes you tense and nervous. You are keeping your emotions under control. It may be time to discuss sensitive topics with people who can help you.

The crab

Communicate your dissatisfaction with the current situation clearly and concisely. If someone is making the other person out to be negative, or sly when you know it's not true, tell them the facts calmly and keep everything as real as possible. At least be able to be objective when it is obvious that some others cannot be.


You've been working long hours and are ready to look for more free time for enjoyable activities. An old colleague will try to convince you to take on more work. Refuse to even consider it. Sometimes actions can speak louder than words. Try to find ways to demonstrate your feelings instead of just talking about them.


You're holding back your emotions, worrying that they won't get in the way and complicate your day. This will not be the case. It is important for you to tell other people your true thoughts and feelings. Acting like everything is fine when it isn't will not bring you happiness.


You are more confident than usual about the decisions you are making. One will be surprised how quickly you come to a conclusion. Just make sure you don't start wondering why others don't feel the same way you do.


The true meaning of what is happening within the family or a close friendship will be revealed. This may relate to an incident that is so subtle that you may miss the point. It will be important to read between the lines of what is being said so that you are able to tune in to the underlying truth.


An impulsive move or decision will create a difficult situation. You should be able to get out of it, but that means telling some white lies and you won't be happy with yourself because of it. This incident will make you feel tense and unhappy.


Një çështje ligjore, ose financiare kërkon një shqyrtim serioz. Koha dhe energjia e çmuar po harxhohet kot, ndërsa diskutimet lëvizin mbrapa dhe përpara pa rënë dakord për asgjë të caktuar. Jeni duke u lodhur nga mënyrat e pavendosura të dikujt dhe jeni gati të ndërmerrni veprime me ose pa miratimin e tyre.


Miqësitë po ndërhyjnë në jetën tuaj familjare ose anasjelltas. Fijet e veçanta të jetës suaj janë duke u thurur së bashku dhe kjo mund të shkaktojë njëfarë konfuzioni. Emocionet e forta fryhen në sipërfaqe duke e bërë të vështirë për ju që të jeni objektiv. Mos bëni asgjë derisa të kuptoni saktësisht se çfarë po ndodh.


If you agree to take on a leadership role, you must develop a leadership mindset. Someone who has known you for years will question your authority. Be assertive and let others see that you do what you say.