Horoscope for June 11 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 11 by Russell Grant


Someone will accuse you of being extremely stubborn. You generally try to be flexible, but there is a topic that people want to discuss that bothers you. You are not ready to give an opinion on a matter you are not sure about. You need more time to think about it.


You wonder how much you can trust someone who suddenly decides to make some changes. You think they should have warned you in advance. You may have little choice but to go along with the new arrangements that have been set by your boss or a person in authority.


If someone close wants to add spice to life, you will have no objection. It is becoming clear that a loved one is upset and worried. You've never been one for routine, and you won't mind considering some of the unusual suggestions they're making for fun.

The crab

You are not yet ready to face a difficult situation. You have deliberately ignored what is happening and are reluctant to open your eyes because you know you will not like what you see. Pretty soon it won't be possible to hide anymore.


You can no longer understand what is true, you have been given many different accounts of the same situation. You have placed too much faith in what was once a professional and reliable institution. It is becoming very apparent that some people within this organization are dishonest and untrustworthy.


Not everyone is as caring, helpful or as conscientious as you. You understand this, but what worries you more is how a friend has deliberately kept something important hidden from you. If you had been given this important information earlier, you would have made some very different choices.


You'd rather leave a financial or career matter in someone else's hands, but they won't respect you for it. Besides, if you're hoping they'll make decisions you'll agree with, that won't necessarily be the case.


You are so in demand that you regularly wish you were in two places at once. At least you will quickly and efficiently send the thoughts, ideas and suggestions that other people are looking for by text or email. This will leave you with some free time later in the day.


Encouraging news about a group project should give you plenty of reason to be proud. You have played a valuable role in starting this venture and your leadership skills are to be admired. A festive event in the evening will seem like a dream.


People who make suggestions about how you can improve your work or ideas are not trying to make you doubt yourself. Before you react, think about what they have to say. You can understand that they are actually trying to help, not hinder your progress.


An offer you expected to be made to someone else will be made to you. Your gain will be someone else's loss. This is something to celebrate. Don't let guilt overwhelm you. You earned this.


The loving support of a practical friend or relative will give you the push you may need to make some necessary changes. This is exactly what you need to ease the thought patterns that have held you back in the past. Instead of asking yourself, what if?', you are ready to accept an exciting offer.