Horoscope for April 16 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 16 by Russell Grant


You are ready to take control of your destiny. Decisions made now will bring significant rewards. Whatever your goal is, you will find a way to achieve it. Failure is not an option. You have a strong sense that you are exactly where you need to be at this moment.


Confrontation always seems stressful to you and you will do anything to keep the peace. Someone is deliberately pushing you, asking for a reaction from you. Refuse to worry about saying or doing something that might not serve you well in the long run.


You are looking to make new beginnings, and to do so, you must be careful. Now let go of everything that seems like a burden. Take this chance to pursue your passion with excitement. Don't forget to enjoy the 'ride'.

The crab

The objections to the recent proposals will have caused much division and annoyance. A compromise will be reached and those who shouted the loudest will be seated again. Concerns are being addressed and although harmony has been restored, you have a feeling that this will be temporary.


Sometimes you will never find the answer to why someone misbehaves or disappoints you. Instead of overanalyzing a situation, start listening to your heart. A new friendship will help you restore your faith in humanity. Trust your intuition.


Your boss or a senior colleague will deny something to the face. Evidence shows that they have not been as open as they appeared. Important issues are emerging.


It is up to you to take steps to improve your life. It's time to take action. Someone who cares about you will give you some good advice. Start listening. As you begin to feel positive, you will be more open to new opportunities as they arise.


The changes that are taking place will push you out of familiar areas, into new territory. It may all seem unsettling at first, but keep telling yourself that not all change is bad and this is a step towards better things to come.


A break will give you a chance to reconsider some decisions, reevaluate some areas, and figure out exactly what you need to focus on. Don't be impatient. The universe knows when the time is right, so leave it to him.


In the past you felt compelled to make a choice based on what other people wanted and expected. Your needs and wants didn't seem like such a priority at the time. When a similar option comes up again, you'll think more about what you really want and base your decision on that.


You will be asked to help correct an issue that is causing concern to a number of people. You may feel compelled to confront this. Your help will be important. You cannot deny the fact that someone needs your help.


Two areas of your life compete with each other. Whether it's work commitments that interfere with your family's expectations, financial constraints that prevent you from replacing broken items, or a partner that has soured a friendship, a choice has to be made, and you're the only one who can make that decision.