Horoscope for June 17 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 17 by Russell Grant


It will be creative activities that will attract your main attention. Adding personal effort to a job you've already started will feel incredibly rewarding. If you're writing a story, blog, or other assignment, the words will come fast and furious, and any mental blocks you've been suffering from lately will quickly crumble.


You've never stopped lately and with that in mind make sure you do this one day for yourself. Leisure, enjoyment and relaxation is how you want to spend your time. If you can allow yourself to spend the day in such a relaxing way, you will really feel the benefits.


Don't be surprised if you are asked to volunteer to help a charity. Your kindness will be most welcome and appreciated. You like to take an interest in community events and will feel good about getting involved in a volunteering exercise.

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A home project you were thinking of starting will have to be postponed. Friends have other plans and constant visitors give you little chance to start. Since you can't take this project anywhere else, your only option is to sit until things calm down.


Your boss or a co-worker is being impatient. You can ask him what the motives are. It could be that they just want to get on with a job that has been dragging on for some time. If you are expected to make a decision that will not be in your best interest, hold back and consider this further.


Just a small disturbance will ruin your plans for the rest of the day. The domineering attitude of a friend or colleague will disturb you. When an emotional situation becomes overwhelming, a change of scenery will feel therapeutic. An elderly relative will give advice on how to overcome a challenge.


You will refuse to repeat the rumor knowing how it can drag people down. Someone who is spreading rumors has bad motives. They are jealous of the success of a friend or neighbor. You can remember times when you were treated unfairly and you will show your disapproval of what is happening.


An old colleague has shown you no respect or appreciation for your recent efforts. Conversely, a special talent of yours has not gone unnoticed by others and someone will make you a surprise offer that you will not want to refuse. Your career prospects are improving.


Your main goal is to please your partner who has had reason to be upset with you lately. Some activities will fix a broken relationship. If you haven't already met your special someone, you'll soon get the first hints of who they might be.


Family obligations will prevent you from continuing with what you wanted to do. You had today's plan all mapped out in your mind. Something or someone will interfere with your carefully made arrangements and this will cause you to lose interest in what you were thinking of doing.


You're starting to wonder who you can trust and who you're being friendly with in order to get you to spill some secrets. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate professional life from private life. This is something you might want to think more about as you go to bed this evening.


A sociable time is what you will need most when work and other responsibilities have taken over your life. Whether you're out with family or visiting friends, you'll reap the rewards of taking time out of your busy schedule to hang out with your nearest and dearest.