Horoscope for February 19 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 19 by Russell Grant


An overwhelming desire to get on with one thing can leave you as quickly as it comes, leaving you unsure of how you want to spend your time. This changeable mood makes it difficult for you to know what you want and what you intend to do.


You would prefer to have few tasks. This will give you a chance to enjoy whatever fun is happening around you. If there is a marked lack of exciting or stimulating events happening around you, you are likely to look for more promising things.


Instead of staying in, you'll have organized your day to allow yourself some free time. A trip abroad will be just the way you want it. With the humor that characterizes you, the last thing you like to do is stay in the same place, with the same familiar faces.

The crab

You didn't date much because you felt you had nothing in common. When you meet again, you'll be surprised how much you enjoy their company. You will do your best to make this relationship not the same as it was in the past.


You may feel resentful that someone is trying to get you to hear their views on an issue you've been deliberately avoiding. Your instinct is to walk away. Instead, listen to them and you may find that they think very differently than you expected.


You are more emotionally sensitive than usual and this makes you upset with yourself. The agreements made may affect your financial situation or family life. If you know you are not making good choices, leave it for another time. Handling all things related to money will seem a little uncertain at this time.


A close friend or family member expects a lot from you. A request to call you may seem random, but what you expect to be a short visit may turn out to be the opposite. Combined with the fact that you are not in the mood to talk, you may need to find an excuse not to meet.


A new friendship or welcoming someone new to the family will add sparkle to your lifestyle. On the financial front, things are looking better than they have been for a while. There is a glimmer of hope in some difficult business negotiations.


You are upset about some activities, but this will soon pass. Routine matters need to be dealt with and you can do this quickly and efficiently if you make the right decisions. An event or two later will give you something to smile about. Someone special will appreciate your company this evening.


The way forward is not clear when a long-standing dispute is unlikely to be resolved soon. Emergency measures are being taken, but the situation is not good at all. Business matters will be boring, but resist the temptation to let your imagination lead you away from tried and true methods.


Support for a recent dispute is beginning to fade. A small group of no importance will raise objections, but these are unlikely to have any impact. You are beginning to feel a glimmer of hope that some people are ready to negotiate a settlement.


Give yourself a chance to think twice before making any promises to others. Someone will try to push you to give an immediate answer. It would be a better idea to take time to think this through, especially if you are dealing with someone who is not known for understanding people who change their minds.