Horoscope for June 2 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 2 by Russell Grant


It is important to take a break whenever you feel the need for it. This will help you feel fresher, both mentally and physically. If you're burdened by financial worries, taking a step back can help you gain a new perspective. You will be relieved to discover that solving these issues may not be as difficult as you first believed.


If you are on the move this weekend, the difficulties you anticipated will not appear at all. You've over-analyzed everything, when instead you should be relaxing and letting yourself go with the flow. Take deep breaths when anxiety rises.


An introduction to someone will make this day very special. An unexpected communication or visit will be the cause of many smiles. The conversations will include many memories of the past.

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Life at home will have its fun moments. Trust your instincts. A new friendship looks promising and romance is quietly rewarding. Are you single and looking for love? Someone who wants to win your attention and love will have to reach your mind and heart.


An ambitious plan gets results after a long delay. You won't be surprised when a competitor tries to thwart you. You have dealt with them before and you will again to ensure that their interference causes you little discomfort.


A dream related to the house can come true if you act on the plans to renovate it. This will make it look younger. An elderly relative will give useful advice. They know what they are talking about.


Your goal will be to promote awareness of a cause you care about. Support is offered to victims, but it is not enough. Take this opportunity to sit down with authority figures to outline the reasons why someone should be thinking about them too. You can make the difference.


You are dealing with someone who is happy to lie to authority and not honor the terms. There will be evidence to prove the type of person they really are. If there are conditions, the point has been reached when appropriate action will be taken to protect people from such a man.


Consider your answer carefully before responding to an important communication about work, health, or dependents. Someone has recently gone out of their way to help you. Now is the time to think about what you can do for them.


Someone in the family will bring up an issue that has already caused much debate. You thought the drama was over and you're not in the mood. Try to respond in a conciliatory manner to reduce the tension.


You are choosing to prioritize other people's needs. Your main focus is on the relationships in your life that really matter to you, and because your goal is to please others in whatever way you can, your closest friendships and partnerships will flourish.


A partner has squeezed his hand too much. You start to feel that they have too much control over the joint finances. If you've been feeling stuck in a rut lately, this is a good time to get yourself out of it. You will discover the right path to follow and the most effective way to face challenges to achieve all your goals.