Horoscope for May 27 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 27 by Russell Grant


You are not bothered by a certain amount of competition, but you will feel angry with a rival who is showing excessive aggression and deliberately brings you problems. He expects you to catch the bait. Show calmness in the face of hostility. A degree of change is felt in the air and responsibilities are slowly increasing.


Do your best to show a little compassion and understanding to a close friend, who is being extremely stubborn about an issue you need to address together. This does not mean that you have to blindly follow their requests and decisions. Listen to their suggestions and you will have the opportunity to talk and eventually find a workable solution.


There is confusion and uncertainty when a situation is changing in a way that no one expected. You are thinking of seeking the advice of a friend. This is not advisable. They are unlikely to understand your point of view and their thoughts can create further doubts in your mind. All you can do is make decisions based on your needs.


Many conflicts of interest have begun to cause problems in a team effort. This jeopardizes everything that has been achieved. It will be frustrating if not addressed immediately. This project may never be completed. You do not want to feel that you have wasted your time and can find a workable solution.


There is little tension in the air. Relief will come when you hear the news you have been waiting for and this news will be good. Do your best to cultivate a relaxed and easier approach to current events. Nervous fatigue will not do you any good.


It will not be easy to agree or even understand the way a new friend or partner thinks. This may surprise you when so far you have had an extremely good time together. If someone is trying to persuade you not to follow your instincts, stand up. If it's about that, insist on going your own way.


In all areas of life, aim to play it safe. If you can not convince friends to be careful, at least be firm and show that you will not get involved in their dangerous ideas and schemes. Some people are inclined to take risks, but you will not be one of them.


You have always been persistent when it comes to your efforts to achieve results. Are you hesitant to let a friend have the final say in mutual agreements. It would be in your best interest to let people know that you have your mind.


Life is fun and the new opportunities you are exploring make you feel anxious and emotional. It can also make you a little careless. Calm down and make sure you pause and think before you speak and act. You do not want to upset someone with a careless word because your thoughts are on other things.


Cleaning up the mess means giving up on things that no longer serve you and you are ready to do it now. Once you have done this, your environment will feel much more orderly. There will be some frustrating moments when you may not remember where you put things, but the happiness you feel inside will have made your efforts worthwhile.


Circumstances or working with people who are careful in their decision-making will force you to work at a much slower pace than you would like. Instead of worrying about it, try to relax and instead enjoy this opportunity to work in a less hectic and easier way.


You will not find it easy to bite your tongue when a friend apologizes for some harsh and disgusting comments. You will feel that they have now repented and if you are willing to let it pass this time, it will go towards encouraging a more harmonious relationship in the future. By all accounts, this seems to be important to you.