Horoscope for November 28 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 28 by Russell Grant


Your ability to understand what other people are thinking and feeling will foster deeper harmony in most relationships. Friends and colleagues will wonder if you are psychic and may even be surprised by the strength of your intuition.


Joint projects started now will make good progress. Very soon you will go towards a cherished goal. Working with the public will be rewarding and will take you to places you wouldn't normally visit.


You are hoping to review issues that were put on hold at the beginning of the month. Make sure you take advantage of all the help that is available. A team effort will be successful, the more involved, the more progress will be made.

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Plans and ideas already discussed may need to be revised. It will become clear that someone misunderstood your original intentions. They will insist that nothing has been finalized or agreed upon.


A shy friend, partner or colleague is inhibited from being honest about their views and feelings. They didn't lie to you. They have simply been afraid to speak. As you realize this, encourage them to talk and keep the lines of communication open between you in the future.


Nothing seems to be moving too fast. This is because you are clinging to routines that are established, familiar and make you feel comfortable. If life lacks excitement and stimulation, it may be worth starting a plan or project that is close to your heart.


There is a lot going on in your neighborhood and within your social circle. Festive activities, parties and gatherings are being planned and you want to enjoy them all. It will not be easy to arrange your life in order to experience as much as you can.


You hardly notice the passage of time when you are involved in a project that will eventually bring you approval and recognition. You will especially enjoy working with people who are willing to experiment with different ideas. There will be further talks about a recent incident.


A newcomer to your social circle will pique your curiosity. A predictable routine has begun to dull your sensibilities. You need more variety and stimulation and this relationship is proving to be interesting and fun. You are encouraged to show your rebellious side.


Social obligations take you away from other responsibilities, but you have agreed to take them on. Working behind the scenes is a way to avoid someone who is more interested in creating drama than getting on with the job. You have no intention of abandoning a particular project until it is finished.


A colleague is asking for your help. You won't mind sharing your knowledge, but there are some thoughts you'd better keep to yourself. Someone's curiosity about your affairs will start to bother you over time.


Start paying more attention to your spiritual and emotional needs as these are also important. Take a break from time to time to assess your feelings.