Horoscope for May 29 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 29 by Russell Grant


The good turns you have done for others in the past will only reap rewards even if you never expected a reward. Get a little help from a friend and a chore you've been ignoring can be tackled in double-quick time.


Pouring your energy into a creative project will be beneficial. If you've thought about it lately, it's not too late to turn a hobby into a career. At least make more room in your schedule for pastimes that bring you pleasure. Take a moment today to reflect on what actions can lead you down a positive path in life.


You will start the day in such a way that you are determined to find the information you need to make an important decision. If you've been thinking seriously about updating your skills or learning something new, take this opportunity to enroll in a training course. Having this chance to expand your intellectual horizons will be liberating.

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Don't fight the urge to be sociable. You may not be able to explain why you're suddenly in the mood to go out and mingle, but enjoy it while you can. Attending social gatherings will be a lot of fun.


You have made up your mind about a family matter. You thought the discussions on this topic were over. A family member will come once again in the hope that they can convince you to change your mind. Even if they change tactics, it won't work.


A conversation you thought might be on the awkward side should in reality turn out to be quite pleasant. You'll find some creative ways to work together, so don't hesitate to keep the lines of communication open.


Often the thought is worse than the deed. Stop pushing yourself to continue with a difficult task. Focus on any outstanding issues. You may be surprised at how easily you handle what you expected to be an uphill struggle.


You won't want to listen to other people's fantastic ideas. You know this won't work in a situation that calls for practical solutions. Don't keep your thoughts to yourself. There are others who will benefit from your sensible contribution. Let common sense be your guide.


You didn't expect a close friend or partner to be so open to your suggestions for the future. In addition to liking your ideas, they will add some of their own. This will give you a boost of hope when you now have a chance to try something new that can only be done as a team.


Tread carefully when you're with someone who seems overly sensitive. You don't want to do or say anything that might provoke a strong emotional reaction. Avoid topics that usually cause arguments. It will be a relief when this person is back to their normal self.


The phrase "I did it my way" will be especially appropriate in the circumstances in which you find yourself today. Let other people offer advice if they want, but don't doubt your abilities for a moment. This is your chance to prove that you can be trusted to work independently.


You're trying to please everyone and it's not working. You are tired of waiting to do the work of three people. Your well-being should be a priority and that's why it's time to stand firm and say no.