Horoscope for June 3 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 3 by Russell Grant


From a practical point of view, although some arguments presented should be heard, this may not always be the case. The practicalities surrounding a community project will be a major challenge. Young people who are disruptive will cause some trouble to older neighbors.


You are a bundle of nerves as an interview, an important business meeting or a test situation approaches. You won't feel so nervous once the situation starts. Calm your thoughts and put aside any doubts that anyone might have about your abilities.


Don't be tempted to rush or end the conversation too quickly when your boss or a senior colleague asks to speak to you. You may hear about an opening that you will really like and be invited to apply for the job.

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A friend or partner will ask for advice. You don't think they will like what you have to say. It will be difficult for you to reveal your feelings on a certain matter for fear of rejection, but don't worry so much about being judged. They just want to be able to see a situation from a different perspective.


You will be excited about being involved in a big project with a group of people. What you may not have realized is what a huge challenge this would be. You are now knee deep in commitments and activities related to a charity, community or club.


Working with a talented partner will benefit you personally and professionally. Helping others to start a project will make this a beneficial time for you. Your ability to put imagination and analysis into your work will be a real asset.


It will be difficult to keep your mind on work when there are events later in the day that you are expecting. If you have been hoping for variety in life, events will now bring you everything you need. Whatever happens, this is sure to be a time to remember.


A long-serving official will resign or leave. This person has been an inspiration to many, including yourself. One position will remain vacant. If you are interested, do not hesitate to apply for this position. After suffering a series of setbacks you need a victory.


Don't be surprised if you find yourself subject to an impulsive whim or two. Your mood is such that you just want to travel, have fun and escape from familiar places. An opportunity to get paid to do something creative and exciting should be grabbed with both hands.


A friend who is always unpredictable and rarely reliable will be late for a meeting. Since you were expecting this anyway, you'll already have contingency plans. You like to have everything planned in advance and are learning how to plan around their unreliability.


Annoying movements of a relative will cause you annoyance. You are not happy with their behavior as this is not the first time they have acted this way. You can either keep your thoughts to yourself to avoid an argument or speak your mind. You deserve some relaxation this evening.


People who matter want to know what you're thinking. Open up and let them in. Talk about your career goals, your relationship hopes, and any dreams you have for the future. Suggest starting long-term plans that involve the whole family.