Horoscope for May 30 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 30 by Russell Grant


Luck will have a positive effect on personal or joint finances. This can have a happy impact on your family life. So if you're in the mood to buy new or replace worn-out household items and are looking for good value, now is the time to do it.


Keep working hard to improve your skills. Study, practice and research new techniques. Your thoughts are about the future and how to make the most of your time. The need for greater freedom is becoming too urgent to ignore.


People who criticized your work improvement ideas will change their tune. You never expected them to suddenly start supporting you. Don't ask why they changed their minds. Just make the most of it by getting started with plans right away.

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You will be busy but very pleased with the results of all your hard work. Sometimes you may be desperate to achieve your goal. You are now very close to achieving a special ambition. Be prepared to step into the spotlight.


A tense situation is making you miserable. Someone you live or work with is upset about an issue that is causing arguments and disagreements. Their mood is letting you down and therefore you will suggest that you try with them to find a compromise.


Someone who didn't make a good first impression on you will turn out to be fun company. Once they begin to relax, their wonderful sense of humor will shine through. It just goes to show that you can't always rely on someone's first impression.


People in your community will be invited to a meeting to share their experiences. If there are issues you want to raise, make sure you make an effort to attend. Are you single? You will respond quickly to romantic offers and proposals knowing that these may never be repeated.


Someone close is making it clear that they want a relationship to work. This is your chance to practice rapport building. It doesn't matter if this closeness is focused on a business relationship or more personal. What's important is that you're making stronger connections with the people who matter.


Recent events are a decisive indicator that change ahead is inevitable. This is a pattern that has been seen in the past. It will seem like history will repeat itself.


You need to see how a situation is handled before deciding whether or not to trust the management team. There are some suspicions about recent events and some coincidences that seem too good to be true.


Helping to protect vulnerable members of your community from scam artists and manipulators appeals to your sense of justice. You observe certain rules that are necessary when applied equally. Where there is injustice, you will rebel.


When you make it easier for other people to convince you to take on their responsibilities, they are not considering your needs. They don't care how much pressure their demands are putting on you, and they won't back down until you firmly say no.