Horoscope for May 31 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 31 by Russell Grant


A situation or relationship that you have always considered stable and secure may suddenly appear to be falling apart before your eyes. Someone has been hiding something from you, and it's such a big secret that the impact is likely to be huge as well.


Others have many ideas. You will somehow know which ones will need more luck than judgment if they are to succeed. You like to use your imagination, but it will be your innate practicality that will serve you best today.


It will be worth it to communicate your thoughts, hopes and feelings. If you feel the need to be understood, persist and you will get your ideas across. A lot has been left unsaid lately. You have to say what you have to say and articulate it clearly.

The crab

Keep your goals realistic. No matter how enthusiastic you are to get results, it won't happen if you're tempted to try to achieve the impossible. The answer to a problem that has caused you many sleepless nights is closer than you think.


People will be drawn to a new group project you're creating. You are good at packing things and attracting other people. They will admit that they feel like they are involved in something special. Someone has some great ideas. Let them experiment.


It would be better to act as if you have not noticed how hostile some friends or relatives are to each other. You have no idea what happened or what caused them to be like that, but it won't be long before today's drama will be over.


A drama playing out around you is making you nervous. You can't know how it will affect you until the people around you decide what they want to do. The longer this situation goes on, the harder it will be to hide your worries.


Problems in a relationship increase. Someone has to do it their way and always be in control. You get nothing in return for your generosity. Today will be the last episode. You knew this situation was getting worse. It will be a relief to know that it will soon be over.


If you feel that something is missing in your life, the happiness you seek will not suddenly arrive at your door. You have to be prepared to ask for it. Fill your time with activities you enjoy most. Playing uplifting music and creative and intellectual pastimes can also cause endorphins to rise.


A partner or colleague is inclined to experiment with new ideas. You don't feel so enthusiastic. However, don't try to hold them back. You don't have to join, but you may benefit as a result of a different approach to your usual business than someone else.


Stay true to your gut instincts and follow what feels right. Embrace your creative side and don't stop. Ignoring your creativity is like ignoring a plant that needs water. Set aside some time in your day to write, make music, or engage in craft activities.


It takes deliberate effort to keep a relationship interesting and exciting. Plan a trip together and include activities you don't normally have time for. This is your chance to reconnect with the sensual side.