Horoscope for December 4 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 4 by Russell Grant


Conversations with the boss or an official will seem oppressive. You will prefer situations where there is less protocol and pressure. However, be prepared to benefit from an in-house training scheme. This course will help you fill the gaps in your knowledge and experience.


You can lose touch with your own hopes and ambitions if you continue to put other people's demands ahead of your own. Do not think or tell yourself that your desires are not important. You are your own worst enemy in denying your feelings.


Adopting a different diet will make you feel happier and healthier. You'll be glowing with health after adding some extra exercise to your day. Not only that, but a new fitness regimen will bring you in contact with a new group of people. Take this opportunity to expand your social circle.

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The changes you are discussing will take time to put into practice. Some around you are impatient and want instant results, but you are too reasonable to expect miracles right away. After some turmoil in the workplace, it will feel good to be with people who are on the same wavelength.


Keep positive thoughts. There will be achievements on the other side of an obstacle, you just have to have a little patience. Do your best to maintain a professional atmosphere even though there are some people who should know better who are behaving unprofessionally.


You are not engaging in a charity or volunteering activity for yourself. Your purpose is to help others who are less fortunate and you are doing it out of the goodness of your heart. Whether it's organizing a fundraiser, volunteering at an animal shelter, or running errands for a sick friend, Karma will reward you for your kindness.


A close relationship or friendship will undergo some changes. If you are in a committed relationship, you may be talking about growing into a happy family. Are you single? There is no better time than now to expand your social circle. Be sure to attend parties, work conferences, and community gatherings.


If your current situation is stressful, start looking for a place of your own. If a relationship has recently ended, be sure to fight for your fair share of shared assets and finances. Stress can damage your health. Whenever possible, involve yourself in relaxing pastimes.


Keep on top of daily commitments. You will be keen to join in a number of festive events that are being planned now, and when you do, you won't want the responsibilities hanging over you. A friend is looking for someone to talk to and knows you're a good listener.


Working behind the scenes will suit you well as it will allow you to keep going without having someone watching over your shoulder. You have a job to do and you want to do it right. The time and effort you are putting into your work will bring success.


When assignments and projects are assigned, you'll find yourself working with people you hardly know. Make the most of this opportunity to make new friends. What might surprise you the most is that you've started liking someone you never got along with in the past.


Prepare for the need to adapt to new situations. Someone in a position of power will change their position on an important issue. They are not hypocrites. They are listening to feedback and doing their best to meet everyone's needs.