Horoscope for November 4 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 4 by Russell Grant


Many demands have been placed on you, by people who now take it for granted that you will always be there for them when they need you. You're tired of helping someone who can't seem to think for themselves. Let them know they expect a lot from you.


Beware of careless mistakes. You struggle to keep your mind on the job, but resist the urge to cut corners. Expect to focus hard on practical matters, when in fact all you'll want to do is go back to bed.


You are tired of a partner who refuses to deal with a joint financial matter. Since they won't do anything, you can decide to make a decision on behalf of both of you. Warn them in advance that you intend to do this. In the end, they will trust you to deal with practical matters and you will not be disappointed.

The crab

A premonition tells you that you should go to a place that is important to you. But are your instincts as reliable as usual? Normally you can trust your intuition, but if you don't keep moving and looking for better opportunities, you could miss out on something exciting.


Your mind is full of thoughts and ideas for solving an internal issue. You should weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding what action to take. A partner or landlord will attack you about something and you are hoping to find a way to remove them as a burden.


Going with what others want and expect from you can mean arguments are avoided. However, you may feel resentful of having to dance to a friend or colleague's tune. Either you will find a way to successfully transform a strained relationship or you may agree that it is time to go your separate ways.


Someone close may have to cry over last-minute joint arrangements. This will cause you discomfort, but you will also understand that this is not their fault. In a love relationship you will adapt to new situations and circumstances, if that is what is important to your partner.


Whether you're starting a new job, moving house, or committing to a long-term financial transaction, you should feel satisfied with your current success. A new sense of responsibility will be the result of recent events and current undertakings.


Jeni gati të bëni një pushim përpara se të keni nevojë të ktheheni sërish në valën e punës. Nuk jeni ndalur kurrë. Jeta ka qenë rraskapitëse dhe mund të shihni ndjenjën e adoptimit të një ritmi më të ngadaltë. Ndonëse ka qenë kënaqësi të keni mundësinë të kontribuoni në një përpjekje grupi, ka qenë gjithashtu e lodhshme mendërisht dhe fizikisht.


Një problem brenda familjes ju acaron prej disa kohësh. Dita e sotme do të shënojë fundin e kësaj çështjeje dhe do të jetë lehtësim i madh që mund t'i lini të gjitha pas vetes dhe të prisni një harmoni dhe marrëveshje më të madhe brenda shtëpisë.


Changes are happening in your career and in your relationships. Despite any doubts about some things happening so suddenly, everything will be fine. News of a birth, marriage or engagement will cause excitement among family and friends. You are likely to get a lot of pleasure from joining in new, creative activities.


You will receive a bonus for excellent results for your hard work. This will give you the courage and confidence to continue with new and creative ideas. Someone at home has some festive plans in mind for December, and your current fortune will help fund them.