Horoscope for December 5 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 5 by Russell Grant


You can understand why friends would be concerned when you back out of a group venture. They relied on you for help, but work commitments have started to interfere. Your priorities should be related to your work.


Indulge your imagination and let your inner child come out to play. Making Christmas presents will fill you with excitement. Gather materials and set a deadline. Use this opportunity to follow your creative impulses.


A friendship is not working. You will both accept this and agree to go your separate ways. On the other hand, the time you spend with a loving partner will seem magical as you both take advantage of every opportunity to be spontaneous and act on the spur of the moment.

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Disagreements in the family annoy you. You want to find a way to please everyone. You may feel that some relationships are changing. Where there is disagreement, the less said, the sooner it will be resolved. At least there is an increased space for social activities within your community.


Love is in the air and you are surrounded by social activity. This is a great time to start planning a wedding or family vacation. Discussing ideas for a meeting will inspire you. Be sure to mark the ones you will want to develop. Everything is starting to go your way.


If the day is kind of lonely, you can invite some friends over to your house this evening. If you or someone close to you is recovering from an illness or accident, the outlook looks brighter.


An old colleague who understands the experiences you are going through now will give you some advice. It will not be conditional on you acting on their suggestions. However, they will seem to know what they are talking about and you can learn a lot just by listening to them.


An unexpected expense will hurt your budget. Take advantage of supermarket savings schemes. Keep your eyes peeled for coupon codes and special offers. Encourage family members to be careful with their money.


You are starting to see some changes for the better in your personal and professional life. You have some great ideas that you want to share with others. Just turn on the charm and wait for everyone to see the value of the suggestions you're making.


You don't get along well with someone in authority. The difference of opinion will bother you more than you care to admit. It's time to start looking for a better position. A generous cash gift from a favorite relative will be a boon to something you're organizing.


You're thinking of volunteering for Christmas and would like your partner and family to support you. Be honest with them about what motivates you to do and what you want to do. Even if there are some complaints, it is unlikely that anyone will try to stop you.


You can always rearrange things if something comes up that you'd like to do. Few people will complain if you postpone an appointment they weren't expecting. Some of the specialized training that is offered will increase your earning potential in the long run.