Horoscope for June 5 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 5 by Russell Grant


Business problems are beginning to ease. There is growing support for your business ideas and goals. Expect to receive communication from someone who works for a popular newspaper, magazine or website.


Attractive items and accessories continue to attract your attention in stores. You work hard for your money. Most of the time you are careful how you spend it and your main challenge today is to resist spending your hard earned money.


A friend or colleague tends to exaggerate everything. You won't offend them, but you are starting to take what they say seriously. You are determined to achieve a personal goal.

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People find it easy to talk to you. Even so, when the conversation turns to money, change the subject. A friend or relative is giving you their financial details in the hope that you will offer them a loan.


Be careful about your health. Carelessness in any form should be avoided. Make it your goal to make self-indulgence a thing of the past and start taking a more sensible approach to your health and well-being. Drink lots of water.


Don't be tempted to be as blunt as a senior colleague who says too much about a delicate matter. Keep your thoughts to yourself. If an exciting offer surprises you, you don't have to think long. Remember: he who hesitates is lost.


An unexpected pause in the proceedings will leave you with little time on your hands. You are not going to waste this. There are some trivial tasks and chores that you can complete while you wait for everything to start again.


The legal and financial issues are complicated. You have some tough decisions to make. It will be in your best interest to spend time discussing these. Be very careful. There is something you may not learn until the end of the month.


Costs are rising. Are bureaucracy and rules making your life difficult? There may not be new money, but there will be support for innovation and technology. However, if you are not offered a raise, you will start looking for another job.


A long relationship is undergoing changes. Either someone is asking too much of you or you are asking more of partnerships in general. An event or conversation you were dreading will be surprisingly easy.


Your ability to move with the times makes you a valuable member of the team. What is fascinating is how important social media has been in growing your business. It's not only important to have a great product, but to be able to shout about it. Enjoy this opportunity to create attractive ads and displays.


Some anxiety is related to recent developments in the family. Really, there's nothing wrong with it, it's just that progress is slower than you anticipated. There is little you can do to rush things, so instead, focus on all the positive things currently happening.