Horoscope for June 7 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 7 by Russell Grant


A text or email will surprise you. You may wonder if there was a misunderstanding. Read it again and you will see that this can be interpreted from a different perspective. You will be invited to a glittering gathering that will be held in a prestigious location.


Distractions disrupt your well-planned schedule. It can be surprising how quickly you fall behind. Although there are still some unfinished things on your to-do list, you may have to admit that now is not the time to cross them all off.


There's work to do and you can't wait to have a break. In fact you will thoroughly enjoy this busy day. You have so much interest in continuing that you won't complain about being tired.

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Funds are being distributed to existing and new schemes. A package of measures aimed at supporting deserving people will be announced. This will be a welcome change. It means so much to you that you can continue the work you do and be properly rewarded for it.


A team effort will be broken. Others will look to you to manage some last-minute changes. Talking to the right people will open doors that have been firmly closed in the past. A family member will volunteer to stay in the house to oversee some major repairs. Be sure to show your rating.


You will gravitate more toward practical issues than creative ones. Don't tell yourself you don't have a good imagination. Everyone has the power to do wonderful things with their minds. Any endeavor that requires creativity is favored.


People are cooperative. If there is information you suddenly need, someone will find it for you. It may be necessary to postpone agreements already made, as these will not be as important as the jobs you are working on now.


Additional contributions you have made in the workplace will be rewarded. A bonus or tickets to a concert are coming. Your work and loyalty is appreciated. You are starting to feel respected and supported.


There are a number of choices before you and you have time to consider each one individually. Some directions will lead to dead ends. That is why you should be careful before deciding. Taking the less risky option won't be such a big advantage when you want more excitement.


A younger relative would appreciate your advice on a financial matter. Their finances currently show a dire situation. Once you've looked at the numbers, you'll be able to make some helpful suggestions on how to overcome this mini-crisis.


Close relationships are harmonious. You feel closer than ever to your family or friends. Are you single? You will meet someone special at a party. Are you in a committed relationship? You can both decide to renew your vows.


Some recent efforts to improve your image and lifestyle will surprise your family and friends. Someone close to you will be a little surprised by this change in you. It will take time for them to get used to this.