Horoscope for June 8 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 8 by Russell Grant


It's hard to break away from a task you've taken on and want to make perfect. You are doing your best. Isn't that what really matters? It will do you good to do something completely different. A bike ride or going outside will be therapeutic.


There are many things you can and will achieve by believing in yourself and your talents. If you can put some insecurities and anxieties out of your mind, you will find the will and energy to make some big achievements.


Your views differ radically from those of a relative, but this does not mean that you should fight. Explain your point of view. Hear what they have to say. Instead of trying to convince each other, you can ultimately agree to disagree.

The crab

You know how serious some issues are and how big the consequences of decisions made today can be. Financial and official businesses will require a lot of time and attention. A lack of concentration can result in mistakes and this is what you are determined to avoid.


While repairs are underway at home, you may have to stay with friends or relatives. Alternatively, you may decide to look for a new place to live. A property close to public transport will make getting around easier. It will also make our daily commute much easier.


Rely on your skills professionally to get the deal you expect. At first, the odds will seem against you, but your power of persuasion is strong. Eventually, others will come to your mind. You may also receive some congratulations for standing firm in a difficult situation.


You owe someone a favor and they will remind you of it today. You will find yourself weighed down by a problem that belongs to a colleague when they are apparently too busy to handle it themselves.


A bonus or financial gift will come. A partner or family member has expressed deep concern about your financial situation. This allows you to take control of your finances. You are ready to make a long-term commitment.


An unusual proposal will attract your attention. If everything goes as promised, this will give you a little more freedom to enjoy an adventure. You can be yourself when you're mingling with like-minded friends.


The usual family routine and career responsibilities can be handled with ease. Someone's misinterpretation of a situation will start a rumor. You are not a person who enjoys gossip.


A long-term project is in its final stages. You won't be the only person looking forward to seeing the end result. You will also consider new ideas and opportunities. Creating a new group or enterprise will give deep satisfaction.


You are determined to achieve a personal goal and that determination will pay off. An elderly relative will provide information about the past, which will be the key to ending a family feud. Some secrets that are revealed will require a lot of effort to accept.