Horoscope for May 18 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 18 by Russell Grant


Keep your expectations realistic and be patient when engaging in a group effort. You are eager to get results, but if you try to rush people or push projects too quickly, there will be opposition. A diplomatic approach is as important as any action being taken now.


There's a certain uncertainty in the air when you're not sure where you stand with someone, and it's making you nervous. You'd like to think people are being honest with you, but a little nag in the back of your mind is telling you to be careful.


Closing your eyes and pretending things aren't the way they are is not a good way to deal with a difficult situation. When you open them, the same problems will be in front of you. Accept and face the facts. Making a few changes can help reduce anxiety.

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Discussing future plans with your partner will give you a better idea of ​​what to expect in the coming months. Knowing that you are building strong foundations makes you feel more comfortable and confident. It is important to know that you are both sailing in the same direction.


People will understand that nothing is too much to ask of you. You will often give without expecting anything in return, but today you may recognize that there is an ulterior motive for being so cooperative and obliging. You're hoping someone will return the favor.


You have to increase your strength in the morning. There will be distractions, visitors, phone calls and friends who will want to meet you. This may be a sign that it is time to turn your attention to the people around you.


Anything you undertake or handle now should be approached with caution. Impulsive moves and decisions can lead to mistakes. Don't take your health or high energy levels for granted. Be willing to take life at a slower pace.


Enjoy a relaxed start to the day, as the afternoon will bring a change of pace. Suddenly the silence will bring the noise. An unexpected opportunity will come and it will likely invade your peaceful world.


It will be frustrating, but it will be easier to deal with if you accept that delays are possible. Be prepared to encounter some problems and limitations and these will have to be overcome before moving on to other things. A situation you thought would be easier turns out to be a puzzle that requires solving.


It must be fun to be able to experiment with new tools and materials. If your first attempt is disappointing, try again. Practice will make perfect. This will be a pivotal moment in the workplace when you can be optimistic because new tools improve efficiency.


The jobs you will get will not be as difficult as you expected. You'll navigate through everything like it's child's play. A family gathering will be a great success. If others ask you to throw a party and you're on the fence about it, relax and go with the flow. Any worries will quickly disappear.


Not everything will go as you expected, but most things will work in your favor. Interesting conversations stimulate your mind and imagination. Feeling inspired to start a new venture. The more organized you are when it comes to the planning phase, the more likely you are to see positive results.