These three signs may experience disappointment today

These three signs may experience disappointment today

With the Moon transiting Saturn, you may encounter some obstacles today. There will be no big problems, you will just feel dissatisfied with something that you have been waiting for a long time.

But these are the three signs that will experience the most disappointment:

1. Demi

You're bored today, and with the Moon in Saturn you'll end up feeling so burdened and stuck that you might explode. And out of boredom you may say something inappropriate to someone and end up jeopardizing your job position.

2. Libra

Because you're someone who really enjoys balance, you'll feel especially depressed today, during the Moon transiting Saturn, as your plans are not only derailed, but they become impossible due to a new rule that has been put in place. power from someone you have no respect for either.

3. Fishes

Today brings you injustice scenarios.

You want to remove yourself from responsibilities because you don't believe in the parameters set for you. In fact, you feel as if it is someone in a position of authority who should be reprimanded, and you are fearless.