Zodiac signs that put career over love

Zodiac signs that put career over love

If you are in a relationship and also employed, then you must have found it difficult to manage your time. While both are important to living a contented life, there always comes a time when you too have to choose between the two. Between love and work, for most people, work usually wins the battle. According to astrology when it comes to relationship and career, these 5 zodiac signs will be green for the latter.


These born leaders always thrive on the definition of hard work. So they always work double to achieve the position of power they want. For the sole reason and process of improvement at work, they can easily sacrifice their relationships.


When it comes to ambitions and motivations, Aries is always first on the list. Their hunger to choose a career is always great and they can do anything to realize their ideas, plans and visions. An Aries will not think twice about giving up their relationship for work or career.


The only thing that matters in a Virgo's life is the hall of fame where people associate their name with the best. Not only that, they can't stand any kind of frivolous attitude when it comes to work and want to protect their peace of mind at all costs, so they can focus on their work life without any negative atmosphere. Giving up on a long-term love affair is easy for them.