The 27-year-old who stopped having sex because he is allergic to the orgasm itself!

The 27-year-old who stopped having sex because he is allergic to the orgasm

A 27-year-old boy, whose identity is not known to protect his privacy, is forced to abstain from sex forever. Cause wshtw allergy to orgasm.

Every time he ejaculates, he shows flu-like symptoms and other manifestations that can be serious.

Its signs are fever, cough, muscle weakness, as well as problems with speech, concentration and memory. The lymph nodes are also swollen and red. These disorders can last from two to seven days from the moment of ejaculation.

Mjekët besojnë se sëmundja e tij, e përshkruar në revistën Urology Case Reports, ka nisur afërsisht 10 vjet më parë, kur ai ishte 18 vjeç.

Që atëherë ai është përpjekur t`i shmangë sa mw shumw marrëdhëniet seksuale, derisa hoqi dorë pwrfundimisht nga seksi dhe pwr pasojw edhe nga lidhjet romantike. Vendimin e mori pasi mjekët e identifikuan sëmundjen dhe i dhanw diagnozwn: sindroma e sëmundjes pas orgazmës.

Shkaqet e kësaj alergjie nuk dihen.

According to Andrew Shanholtzer of the "William Beaumont" School of Medicine at the University of Oakland (USA), one of the authors of the study, it is possible that the syndrome may arise as a result of an infection or damage to the testicles, that is, trauma that can lead to the flow of microscopic amounts of sperm into the bloodstream, to which the body responds. Normally, the sperm has a membrane that separates it from the rest of the body, but if this is damaged, the seminal fluid is no longer isolated and at that point the allergic reaction is triggered.