4 things men do not want women to do in bed

4 things men do not want women to do in bed
Sex is an important part of the relationship and I think we all agree on that. But there are times when we fix it in bed.

Let's discuss a little bit what these things are that men can't stand when women do them in bed, for the sake of both parties' pleasure.

Leave it all to him

Of course if he is a man to be, he would do anything to please you, but men hate the pressure to be 100% responsible only for your pleasure. Do not hesitate to play hands… if you understand what we mean.

Refuse to bring innovation

Who cares if it looks like a weird position, or from a certain angle you do not look sexy enough, even those noises that sound not so good, are part of the game and they adore them.

Do not utter a single word

Please do not sit there like a tree and no one asks you to imitate prono movies, just let them know in your own way and without shame how much you are enjoying.

You care about how you look

Female, he is so busy enjoying the moment than focusing on your weight or if you have escaped without removing a few hairs on your legs.