6 messages to have sex in the car safe

6 messages to have sex in the car safe

For those looking for a different experience this Valentine, for those who are going to try sex in the car, some tips from experts should not be forgotten.

Wait until the stars come out

In order for the night to have fallen, but also to be as romantic as possible.

Do not try it with the car in motion, make sure it is off

This should actually be the first condition. Life safety comes first. Never try it on the moving car. Never!

Choose a very private place

In order to preserve your privacy, but also not to risk being caught by the Police. That of course is something illegal.

Wear a skirt or dress

In order to be easier and not to strip completely.

Use car mirrors

Unleash your imagination and look through them.

Use things inside the car, such as seat belts

fantasy issues. You can connect the partner.