Do I have to tell her I do not know how to have sex?

Do I have to tell her I do not know how to have sex?

"I struggle with shyness, which started during my teenage years because of skin problems I had. I only had one boyfriend and we broke up with her after five months of relationship after she returned to her hometown. Now I have started talking to a girl in a dating app and she is looking forward to meeting you. When he asked me about my relationship in the past I pretended I had some connections. I had a few dates after that relationship, but no sex. I have no sexual experience and I do not know if I should tell her.

Do I have to be honest? ”A guy asked the relationship expert at Metro magazine.

"You have to let the truth slowly come to the surface. If she judges you harshly, she is probably not someone you want to spend time with.

You are feeling the same doubts you had when you were a teenager. The reality is that most women are not interested in what has happened before. What matters is how you make it feel. "Anxiety tends to plunge us inside, making us worry more about our thoughts than focusing on the person we are with," the expert replies.