Is your partner judging you in bed?

Is your partner judging you in bed?

Your imperfections!

That big, red pimple on your belly. Cellulite on your legs. A hair. A lump of fat in the belly.

Does he notice these imperfections?

You will get the answer today!

If it's casual sex, you may notice little or nothing. He is just grateful that you offered him. If you are in a committed relationship and he loves you, he accepts your so-called 'flaws' because he has some too. If he feels agitated, everything around you is seen through an intense, detailed filter.

Even when a relationship is new and he is indecisive, all imperfections are not only noticed, but also carefully examined. We all take stock – consciously or unconsciously – to decide whether a relationship has merit. What's important is that our partners' wish lists are very personal.

This is not something you will be aware of. Only if you ask him and he is totally honest to tell you.