The main reasons why couples stop sexual activities

The main reasons why couples stop sexual activities
Sex is a fun, enjoyable activity and the world revolves around it, especially in the beginning of the relationship. However, after a while, many couples go through a passive sexual phase. Some reasons why it happens


A routine always leads to boredom after a while. Even when sex the same way all the time, it is no longer attractive.

Conflict in ideology

If you have conflicts and too often, then it will eventually have consequences in your sex life as well. You start to feel dissatisfied and then it becomes difficult to become intimate with him.

Dissatisfied with the body

When you are unhappy with your body, insecure about it, the desire to have sex is reduced by fear and self-imposed shame.


When there is a lot of stress at work or other factors that have strained you, then it directly affects your sex life. You get so tired that you have no desire to do anything. This stress becomes threefold when you have children at home and tasks are not shared. You just have no energy to do anything else.