What can you write in a sex journal?

What can you write in a sex journal?

When any movie character keeps note of sex dates and partner names it is not just something comic as the effect of a comedy movie. The important message behind this is protection against sexually transmitted infections, but not all people have many partners. Nonetheless, keeping a diary of your sex life can be a really good idea. It can help improve mental well-being, regulate thoughts, avoid fear and negative feelings, and trace the origins of anxiety.

A diary of a person's sex life, in particular, can serve to better understand oneself in an area of ​​life that is important and that deals not only with physical relationships but also and above all with the perception of self and relationships with other human beings.

In the article, experimenting with a person’s sex life diary is performed for a week, or for a longer period, or even for a lifetime, perhaps not on a daily basis. Of course, the diary will not only talk about the partners and sexual relationships they have had, but also about personal reflections on sexuality in the broadest sense of the term.

One of the topics that can be addressed in this particular journal is one's first sexual experience. You can talk about what you prefer, of course in the way you remember. For many people it is almost a cliché that the first experience is a real disaster, between condoms, hands you do not know where to put, embarrassment and maybe romance at zero levels. But it is not the same for everyone.

Similarly, it is important to write about your recent sexual experiences and try to understand what has changed over time compared to that first relationship. It is not only about getting to know your body better, but also about developing a way of communicating with your partner to show him what you prefer in bed.

Another part of the diary may have to do with the lessons you have learned about sex. Which protection method is best, how it arouses sexual desire, how it affects the menstrual cycle period, these are some details that can help improve the sexual experience.

In the diary, as in any diary, one is free to write without fear about the actions in intimacy that one likes, but also about those that one hates. In the end you will know another aspect of yourself.

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