Things women hate about sex

Things women hate about sex

Being in an intimate relationship with your partner can cause waves of pleasure and dissatisfaction. People love to experiment between sheets, but there are things that many hate too. So it is safe to say that people do not always like everything about sex. But have you ever wondered what women can really hate about sex?

Women and insecurities

Women are increasingly insecure about their body. With society projecting an image of how women should be, many of them remain absolutely terrified of being naked in the eyes of their partner.

Pressure to reach the peak

Women need more time to reach orgasm during intercourse. And this is something that men generally do not understand. This pressure can also take away the mood in women.

Other dislikes

Women also hate when there are interruptions during sex, or when they are simply unable to reach an orgasm. Additional concerns such as fear of being affected by STIs also disrupt the sex experience for women.