Boyfriend watches porn secretly, how harmful is that?

Boyfriend watches porn secretly, how harmful is that?

Below is a woman’s concern about missing sexual intercourse and the fact that her partner secretly watches porn. Psychology responds.

I left my husband because sex was boring with him, not to mention non-existent. I shook hands when I met someone else. The sex life with the new partner was great and we started living together. But just at that moment the magic broke. I accidentally discovered that he watches porn when I'm not at home. I certainly wouldn’t have minded about this if our sex life was ok. Yes in our situation, it makes me feel bad. He never touches me with his hand, even if we have sex. I do it all myself. And yes, I'm still very unhappy.

Psychologist's answer.

Partners need to teach each other how they like to have fun. Everyone is different, so you need to be very specific in explaining - even telling - your needs to the new partner. He can not read your mind. Watching pornography secretly is extremely common for both men and women and does not normally adversely affect a partner's sex life. The problem is only if it turns into a fixation. Rather, discussing pornography helps to discover each other's needs and to improve the erotic bond in general.