Never do these four actions after sex!

Never do these four actions after sex!
Sex may be the most beautiful moment that binds a couple, but nevertheless, he also has some rules, which, if not followed, do not prolong the pleasure.

Not enough your love or even good enough chemistry in bed, there are times that one wrong move destroys the whole atmosphere.

You should avoid these actions after sexual intercourse otherwise you will break the magic:

Do not sleep immediately after intercourse

Ok, everyone gets tired, but what does a hug, two sweet words and sleeping next to each other cost you?

Do not run to the toilet

Sex is not dirty, except when you yourself want it. So stay in bed half an hour longer. Everything is cleaned, without worry.

Do not deal with the phone

Phone things can wait, she or the one next to you may not.

Think carefully about what and how you will eat

Do not leave to the partner with whom you had intercourse a little while ago the impression that you were dying to eat and you had no mind at all in what you were doing.