NYT: Have more sex! Don't hang out on social media

NYT: Have more sex! Don't hang out on social media

This is the New York Times headline. The call is based on statistics that two-thirds of Americans report feeling lonely, and even one in four respondents say they haven't even had sex in the past year.

It happens in America, but clearly all over the world.

Part of the blame is on Covid for making it worse

relationships. The couple is somewhat in crisis even though the marriage is not yet.

Never before have we been overwhelmed by images of sex.

TV, media, Instagram, sex is everywhere. It's not just a marketing strategy. It is enough to remember Sanremo. Why should artists be a sex symbol? Everyone glued to the screen, everyone likes the latest videos and the algorithm replays them.

There is nothing wrong with this and celebrities play their game. It's just that their videos deliver

on the phones of ordinary people who are full of performance anxiety complexes and are destroyed by it.

According to the New York Times, people today feel lonely. Social media is a bigger trigger for this than the pandemic.