Plant-based passion: Why vegans have better sex

Plant-based passion: Why vegans have better sex

We all know that eating more herbs is good for us and the planet, but some studies say the benefits of a vegan diet extend to our love life as well.

A 2020 study found that 84 percent of vegetarians reported being satisfied with their sex lives, compared to only 59 percent of those who ate meat. But most importantly - 95 percent of vegan participants said they were satisfied.

So why do vegans claim to have better sex?

Red meat can be a heavy meal, often leaving you feeling tired and drowsy afterwards. While vegetables do the opposite. Studies suggest that there is a link between B vitamins, found in some vegetables, and serotonin production. This is one of the chemicals in your brain that makes you happy.

"The Mediterranean diet has long been known to support a healthy heart, but research has also shown that these benefits can extend to sexual health - reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction and maintaining sexual function," explains the diet based on London, Lily Soutter.

"So by eating less meat, moderate fish and dairy and paying attention to plant-based foods, things can certainly look good in the bedroom."