What do women pay for a gigolo?

What do women pay for a gigolo?

We always associate the term gigolo with the movie starring Richard Gere. Yet a gigolo in reality has little to do with that of the "American Gigolo". The life of a boy who does this work is as interesting as it is mysterious.

We will always associate a gigolo with the word sex. Yes it is not always so. There are women who only pay to go out for a dinner, to make someone jealous, or for a coffee. And to think that the term came from French means: dancer.

You may not know it, but doing this work is not illegal in Italy, except in cases where you are forced to do it.

What do women pay for a gigolo?

What do women want from a gigolo?

The male prostitution market is very different from the female market. In the first, sex plays a fundamental role, in the second, sex has a secondary role. Sometimes women just want to have an intimate experience, even more lasting than a single night. There are those who seek to make their boyfriend or ex-spouse jealous. Sometimes men even pay to provoke women.

There are those who work with virgins. Provide services for girls who have passed a certain age and have not yet had any sexual experience. Or those who have been abused and have difficulty in feeling pleasure. There are also cases when the gigolo becomes a psychologist. In the sense that he advises clients during meetings.

Women pay even when they know someone and do not want to lose him. When they have never kissed, they have no experience and do not know how to do it, they pay gigolones.

How much does a meeting with a gigolo cost?

Not less than 500 euros. And they are not few.

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