I am betraying my husband and I will neither separate nor feel guilty about it

I am betraying my husband and I will neither separate nor feel guilty about it

I sit and wait for him in our usual corner of the bar at the hotel where we meet and think about all the pleasure he will give me tonight.

My eyes looking down, deliberately avoid the diamond ring that shines on my left hand finger.

As soon as he enters the bar he greets me with a sweet kiss on the back of the neck. I think to myself, if this happened to me more often, more than twice a month ... as if he were my husband.

Until recently, I had a lot of respect for the vows I had made to my husband when we got married. He and I have been together since college time. There were no crazy sparks between us, but he was my first boyfriend and he was persistent. So when he proposed to me two weeks before I graduated, I said yes.

Five years later, we have two young children and a sex life that leaves much to be desired. No experimentation, no crashing against the wall, no prelude. None of this. So I never feel comfortable with it.

When I asked him one night to try something more he told me he did not want to and not to ask such questions again. Even that night ended with his pleasure and so on.

Not long after, I met a guy at a grocery store. He said to me: How lucky must be he who has placed this ring on your finger.

There I realized that my husband did not appreciate me, did not love me enough and so I entered a dating application. There I met Jared: charming, adventurous and very good in bed.

We met and for the first time, after several pleasures in a row I no longer thought about my husband, but when I would meet Jared again.

We continue to meet often and I know you may be wondering as you read these lines: Why not leave your husband?

The answer is simple: We have children and they are my priority. My husband is a great father to them.