Why is it easier to reach orgasm if you keep your socks on?

Why is it easier to reach orgasm if you keep your socks on?

In the collective imagination, socks are not sex. How many times have we seen the protagonists of a comedy movie or a sitcom get ready to have sex and take off their socks first? If the movie is of a comic genre, actors also often pause to discuss how bizarre they look with socks. But is that really so? Science says no.

An experiment conducted by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands has actually highlighted how socks can help to achieve orgasm, for both women and men. The explanation is that holding them prevents cold feet, which can be a distraction, uncomfortable.

The study, led by Gert Holstege and her staff, included 13 heterosexual couples between the ages of 19 and 49. In the room where the experiment took place, all distractions and noises were turned off and the lights were kept dim. On the other hand, one of the two persons from each couple was invited to lie with their head inside a scanner, while the partner stimulated, manually, to orgasm. The exercise first took place without socks and only 50% of people reached the peak. When socks were worn, the percentage rose to 80%.

Therefore, do not remove the socks.

The issue of socks, however, was not the focus of the study. The goal was actually to understand, through a brain scan, how achieving orgasm works.

The study also highlighted the differences between male orgasm and female orgasm. While men know how to be physically stimulated, it is important for women not to have worries or fears.

A tip for men: When you want to make love to a woman you need to give her a sense of protection.