Why do women masturbate less than men?

Why do women masturbate less than men?

Talking about masturbation, especially if you are a woman, is still taboo. The fact that it is not spoken does not mean that it is not practiced. However, it is also a fact that men masturbate twice as much as women.

Can we relate this fact simply to biology?

Maybe, in part yes. Troop building is different. The satisfaction that men and women get is also different.

Since childhood, men play with their genitals, being pampered with terms that refer to the intimate area. Meanwhile, this is not practiced with girls. Nobody asks a girl "Where is your vagina", but many boys ask "Where is the bibilushi".

The stigma that is constantly exerted in adulthood on female masturbation pushes us to have misconceptions, such as that women are less interested in sex.

If for men, masturbation is often considered an integral part of evolutionary development, for women it is treated as something forbidden.

There are women for whom masturbation is a taboo that they can not even talk about, let alone practice.

What is advised?

Masturbation can be a personal moment, to be experienced as a couple, or alone. It is an exploratory, relaxing moment. The TV in the background can excite us. The shower can also be interesting.

Even if you do not like to masturbate, specialists suggest at least finding the time to get to know your body. You need to understand what makes you happy and what annoys you.

In the end it is very important to talk. We need to move from a dominant patriarchal vision and reaffirm to the world that our desires and our satisfaction are worth more than anything.

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