Why do we look at erotic dreams?

Why do we look at erotic dreams?

No one can lie and say that he has never had erotic dreams. There are those who feel guilty because they think this is a kind of betrayal of the partner. There are those who just enjoy them. What do these dreams mean? Do they convey a message?

In 2019, a study entitled "Factors influencing the frequency of erotic dreams" found that men dream more than women, and young people more than the elderly.

Given this result, researchers are inclined to believe that the reason for the frequency of erotic dreams is because we spend a lot of time during the day having thoughts of a sexual nature: in other words, the more time we think about sex during the day , the more we dream of it at night.

But experts do not rule out that there are other factors that affect erotic dreams, such as individual personalities, psychopathology and hormones (for example testosterone).

Sometimes even a certain sleeping position or rubbing with the sheets can cause a sleepy orgasm, both masculine and feminine. This condition is not always driven by dreams.