How often couples have sex, according to years of marriage

How often couples have sex, according to years of marriage

First comes love, marriage, then come schedule clashes, changing priorities, and a list of work and worries that keep you from having sex.

What really happens to the sheets of couples who have 5, 10, 15, 20 or more years of marriage, after their honeymoon?

The Huffington Post has interviewed the couples themselves to get the answers to this question.

Bobbi and Chriss, 5 years married

"Since we have a 4-month-old baby and he still sleeps in our room, they have sex maybe every two months. Obviously there is a lack of sex in our relationship and I am not happy at the moment, but hopefully the situation will improve once the second child goes to his room.

We have had an abortion and have given birth to two babies since we got married. Trying to conceive babies has brought a lot of sex. We didn't even need fun anymore. Keeping the romance alive is a work in progress with our new normal. I do not think our sex life will be the same as before, but we hope to be back at least once a week! Take advantage of your freedom as much as you can! ”Bobbi

Marantina and Ro, 5 years married

"Once a week. We seize the opportunity when the child is asleep and we go to the next room. When we were childless, I worked hard and rarely had sex, maybe several times a month. I often rejected my partner with the excuse that I was tired from work. Then I got pregnant, so less sex. "And we did not have sex until the baby was 6 months old, because I had no desire." Marantina

Jenna and Eric, 8 and a half years married

“Tre ose katër herë në javë. Jam e kënaqur, për më shumë do isha e lodhur. Shumë njerëz i vënë fëmijët e tyre para partnerëve, kurse ne gjedhim njëri -tjetrin së pari”. Jenna

“Të kesh dy fëmijë është shumë intensive për ne. Megjithatë, tani që ata janë rritur pak më duket se mund të eksperimentojmë më shumë se kurrë.” Eric

Alyssa dhe Justin, të martuar për 10 vjet

“Ndoshta rreth tre ose katër herë në javë. Ndonjëherë pak më shpesh, ndonjëherë më pak. Ne ishim të dy partnerët e parë seksualë të njëri -tjetrit dhe nuk bëmë seks deri pasi u martuam. Kështu gjërat evoluan ngadalë për ne”. Alyssa

Julie dhe Martin, 22 vjet martuar

“Mesatarisht një herë në javë. Tani për tani ne kemi një presion nga puna, e cila gjithmonë ka pasur një ndikim në epshin e burrit tim. Në ditë më të mirë, dy herë në javë.” Julie

Lara dhe Clark, 30 vjet martuar

"We met when I was 16 and he was 17, we got married a week and a half after my 18th birthday and I got pregnant with our first child about a month later. We have a wonderful sex life. I would say we probably only have sex five times a month. "We are less restrained now than we were in the first 10-15 years of our marriage." Lara