How often should I have sex?

How often should I have sex?

Most couples and individuals who go to the office of sex therapist Tammy Nelson want to know the same thing: Is my sex life with my partner normal?

"They want to know if they have enough sex, the right kind of sex, if their partner wants a lot of sex," Nelson says.

In response, Nelson usually tells people the same thing.

"Forget about the normal that it does not exist. The most important thing is to learn to be sensitive to your partner and accept any of their needs, even if they are different from yours."

You've quite wondered how often others have sex

Something that is normal for you today may not be normal after a few years

Do not despair that your partner will love you as much as you do (if you are the one who always asks for it first)

If you are a partner who loves sex less, or does not love it at all, try to find the reason why

Remember, you do not have to count good sex

"The secret to a satisfying sex life is not just getting the pleasure you want from sex, but it is also learning how to give your partner what they want."