How I lost my virginity! Stories as funny as they are embarrassing

How I lost my virginity! Stories as funny as they are embarrassing

The following stories are told to the Huffington Post by ordinary people, readers and loyal followers.

History 1

"I was 16 years old, I had no knowledge of sex and I had never seen porn. I was in the basement of my mother's boyfriend's house. We turned on the radio in the background, and used butter to glue the bodies. "I do not advise the latter."

History 2

"I was in high school and I was determined to lose my virginity, so as soon as I met a guy at a party, I went out with him. We went to his dormitory and the mission was accomplished. Leaving his dormitory the next morning I realized I had no idea what his name was. I asked for his name at the dorm door by room number, and there were two names, two roommates. For a few days I thought I had slept with the wrong one, with the one I knew his girlfriend. "I was relieved to learn that he was the other roommate and not my girlfriend's boyfriend."

History 3

My older cousin left me his house available that day and a pair of Ray-Bans on the kitchen counter and a letter saying "decide if you do, do not take them if you do not." Being young and stupid, I thought I should put them on during sex. "I would like to remember more about that night, but I could not see many of the dark glasses."

History 4

"The first time I drank so much, I forgot that I had put a tampon on and he could hardly convince me that there was something wrong. When I realized that I really had a tampon, I pulled it hard and imagine for yourself what happened. "I never met that boy again."