Therapists reveal the 5 most common sexual fantasies 

Therapists reveal the 5 most common sexual fantasies
Occasionally people have different sexual fantasies that they do not always confess. There are even cases when these desires are kept secret by the partner, but not the therapist.

It is the latter who have discovered 5 of the most common sexual fantasies.

Sex me dy persona

A fantasy of singles, but also of married people. Different people, at different times dream of sex with more than one person.

Dominance and submission

Although men are usually dominant during sex, this is not always the case. They even occasionally dream of being loved by their partner.

Heterosexuals dream of homosexual intercourse

Giving your partner consecutive orgasms

To dream of a partner having sex with someone else

It may even be the dream of the most jealous partner.

* Source Huffington Post