Sunday brings swimming, running and cycling competitions in Tirana

Sunday brings swimming, running and cycling competitions in Tirana

After the grand final of the Conference League, which took place on Wednesday at the "Air Albania" stadium, sports activities in Tirana continue this Sunday with "Tiranathlona", an extraordinary competition that includes three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. The competition will take place in Farka Lake and is an organization of the Municipality of Tirana, in cooperation with the Embassy of Greece in our country.

To take care of all the details, the mayor Erion Veliaj held a meeting with the organizers of the triathlon, where well-known Albanian and foreign athletes will participate.

"Tiranathlon is a certified edition for all three categories, it will be a professional competition and we need to make the city available for a few hours to those who participate. The swimming race will take place in Farka Park, as well as the ten kilometers of running will take place without leaving the park, while the 40 km cycling race will take place in a part of the city, so we need some help from the Police. State, Traffic Police, Municipal Police and our logistics groups. The competitors will leave Farka, in the direction of Shkoza, the whole route of Lana will be used, up to the Palace with Arrows, to return again to the park. So, we will not have a massive restriction of the city, but only in this part and with short time intervals, as the group of cyclists approaches the intersections in certain areas ", explained Veliaj.

He said that the opening of the intersections will be done gradually, so that the city does not feel in circulation, while the center will be Car Free Day to be enjoyed by children and citizens. Veliaj added that for the triathlon in Tirana will come 15 delegations, both from Greece or the US, but also athletes from Ukraine.

Sunday brings swimming, running and cycling competitions in Tirana

"We expect 500 athletes to take part in the competition. I am glad that today we are in a situation where the existence of such activities shows that Tirana has been properly invested. The European Weightlifting Championship would not have been organized in Tirana, if we had not built the Olympic Park. The Conference League final match would not have taken place if the stadium had not been built. We would not have fan areas, if Skanderbeg Square, Pedestrian Square had not been made or if the Lake Park had not been cleaned. We could not have done the Triathlon on Sunday if we had not done Lake Farka. So we would not have all these tourists if we had not reformed the airports and ports. We would not have all this number of beds for tourists who spend nights in Tirana, if we did not have infrastructure in hotels. Who is still against progress,

Kryebashkiaku shtoi se shqiptarët dinë të bashkëpunojnë dhe të dalin faqebardhë në të tilla evente të mëdha. “Pra, ne shqiptarët bëkemi namin kur bashkëpunojmë, siç dolëm faqebardhë në organizimin e finales së UEFAs, dhe morëm vlerësimin me notën 10, duke filluar nga policia, te transporti, logjistika, siguria, zonat e tifozerive, mungesa e incidenteve, përveç disa ngjarjeve sporadike. Madje, kishte më shumë incidente në Roterdam, sesa në Tiranë ku u zhvillua ndeshja. U ndjeva vërtetë në siklet këtë javë kur holandezët dhe italianët flisnin shumë herë më mirë për ne, sesa ne për njëri-tjetrin”, tha ai.

"I never thought we would have this popular support, where people said: if this is a day I should not go out by car, I will not go out - and everything went smoothly. It means that the people are good, but we falter when politics enters and politicizes things. Not why this hotel, not why the lake, not why the boulevard, why the square. The answer to all this why is: Because these enable us to have a modern city. According to data, the city of Tirana generates 20 million euros per day. All these activities stimulate the economy. "Many of the fans who came for the match will come back," said the mayor.

On Sunday, during the development of the triathlon, the city will be temporarily limited only during the cyclist race and only in that segment.