Kosovo, the elections in the north under the shadow of the boycott

Kosovo, the elections in the north under the shadow of the boycott

On Sunday, April 23, the extraordinary elections for the mayor of the municipalities of North Mitrovica, Zubin Potok, Leposaviq and Zveçan will take place in Kosovo. The Central Election Commission has announced that all the necessary measures have been taken to hold the elections in the four municipalities. The total number of voting centers in these municipalities is 19 in total.

The Kosovo Police has also made it known in a statement that it has taken all the necessary measures for the smooth running of the elections and the guarantee of a free vote in cooperation with the relevant institutions. "The purpose of these plannings and coordinations is the implementation of the operational police plan, where the Kosovo Police aims to create a safe and calm environment for all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, before, during and after the election process," the statement says. of the Kosovo Police.

Lista Serbe: We should not fall prey to the provocations of Albin Kurti's regime

The problem remains the non-participation in the elections of the Serbian List, which on Friday once again called for a boycott of the elections. "All polling stations on April 23 must remain empty," Lista Serbe demanded. In her statement it is said that "we should not fall prey to the provocations of Albin Kurti's regime". But the Pristina authorities have been determined to hold elections in the north, despite the rejection of the Serbian List. Previously, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, commented on the refusal of the Serbian List to participate in the local elections as "a sign of Belgrade's control over the party and continuous interference in the internal affairs of Kosovo".

However, there are doubts about the conduct of the elections by the non-governmental organizations that monitor the elections. According to them, the current circumstances do not enable the organization and holding of elections in the north of Kosovo, as required in accordance with the standards for free elections. "In North Mitrovica and Zubin Potok, where the Serbian community makes up over 90 percent of the population, no candidate from the ranks of the Serbian community has been registered. Democracy in Action estimates that this situation may undermine the legitimacy of the institutions that will emerge from the elections , as it does not guarantee fair representation of the Serbian community", it was emphasized in a previous public reaction of the non-governmental organization, Democracy in Action./DW