If KFOR does not remove the barricades in the north of the country, we will!

If KFOR does not remove the barricades in the north of the country, we will!

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, commenting on the situation in the north of the country, said that the barricades should be removed an hour before by KFOR, otherwise the law enforcement authorities will do this.

"We asked KFOR before Christmas. And we are very sorry that KFOR is delaying this. I don't know why it is stalling and why it is doing it. I don't even know what conversations they had there. But I know this can't last long. Soon we will have a meeting with KFOR to clarify everything. And if KFOR is unable to remove the barricades or, for reasons unknown to me, will not do so, then we will have to do it. Because the barricades mainly block the Serbs in the north. They are a violation and oppression of our constitutional order and our law and order. But in the first place it is against the freedom of movement", said Kurti during the interview for the Bosnian television "O Kanal".

The Prime Minister of Kosovo also said that it is possible for the Kosovo authorities to remove the barricades, although it is not known what reactions there will be to the Kosovo police.

"From our side it is possible. But the other side is unknown to us. People are in uniform. I don't know how each of them will react when our police approach. I know one thing. They receive directives from Belgrade. And as people change there, it is clear that what is autonomous and authentic does not come from the citizens themselves. "We have our police in the north, which is now more present than before. But we still have eleven barricades. These barricades were the second episode after the Serbs from the north received an order from Belgrade to leave all the institutions of Kosovo", said Kurti.