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What is contained in the British-French agreement on the English Channel

What is contained in the British-French agreement on the English Channel

According to British information, more than 40,000 immigrants have illegally crossed the English Channel that separates Great Britain from France since the beginning of the year. Last year this number was around 28,500, so the UK will again tighten border controls significantly. The home ministers of Great Britain and France signed an agreement to increase police patrols on the beaches of northern France to prevent people from crossing the English Channel in dinghies or small boats. These illegal crossings have constantly caused resentment between London and Paris.

Security forces and additional technical equipment

Great Britain will deploy on the French side up to 100 additional security forces, helicopters, drones and border dogs and will pay for this about 72 million euros in the period 2022/2023. For the first time, monitors will be stationed on both sides of the English Channel to interrogate migrants and better fight smuggling and trafficking groups.

Tough immigration policy

Under the deal, the UK will also fund additional migrant shelters in southern France so that refugees arriving via the Mediterranean can be offered "safe alternatives" to not continuing their journey to northern France.

The agreement was signed in Paris by the French interior minister, Gerald Darmanin, and his British counterpart, Suella Braverman. Both are under pressure in their countries for not doing enough to stop migrants crossing from France to England.

The new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, himself the grandson of immigrants from India, takes a tough stance on immigration policy. He supports the plan to deport migrants to Rwanda, in East Africa, even though the European Court of Human Rights has canceled the first scheduled flight to deport them. Since then, the judicial authorities are investigating whether this plan is legal.